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The fall of Guest Blogging for SEO

In 2014, when new and effective SEO practices are emerging, there is no doubt in saying that guest blogging to gain links for SEO has become a very outdated and ineffective practice. Reason: It’s become spammier and being overused.

Some years ago, it was considered a very respectable and authentic method to go write guest blogs, like an author introducing his book, but over the years, with the practice of “buying links” and other spammy methods, it has lost its charm.

The practice of offering money to gain links on popular websites and thus increasing the PageRank is in fact, a clear violation of quality guidelines of Google. We often get offers, asking us to let them write a guest post on our blog for a handsome amount of money and they, in return will put some links (mostly spam) in the blog, so as to gain the PR.

The dilemma with Search Engine Optimization is that a new practice is introduced, it seems very authentic and useful until it is overused to such an extent that hardly some traces of legitimate practice remains. We have been seeing lot of “How to automate guest blogging” and “get paid for guest blogging” articles which are alarming, not to mention violation of Google guidelines.

Considering all this, we are right in saying that guest blogging is the practice of past now. We wouldn’t recommend you to go for guest blogging as a part of your link building strategy, or allow someone to use your blog for the purpose unless you know them well as some low quality, spam website resort to such methods.

All this has lead to the decay and downfall of a SEO strategy which was pretty authentic once. Looking at the way guest blogging is turning into a spam hub, we expect the anti-spam team of Google to take an action against it soon.

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