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Some of the best ecommerce websites  

Online users don’t spend money shopping on the internet easily. For instance, if you go to a website to buy something and even before you select something, you have to answer so many questions (mostly stupid and unnecessary), will you feel comfortable to spend your precious money on it? Online shopping must be convenient and there must not be any troubles as most of us know how time-consuming and unpleasant it is to shop online.

The top online stores today, apart from the products, are popular because their owners went extra mile to ensure convenience of the visitors. Here is our pick of some of the best ecommerce websites as we analyze their design and other aspects.

  1. Currys: With extremely elegant design, it is one of the first large-scale ecommerce websites to accept fully responsive design. Either web or mobile, it offers really good experience while providing a wide range of products.
  2. A book apart: Unlike other websites relying totally on photos of large size to make their design look attractive, A Book Apart use block color brilliantly showcase their amazing series of “brief books for people who make websites” while the website being fully responsible.
  3. Starbucks: I was amazed to see Starbucks having such responsive website. Talking about its features, it contains are the essential features: cool videos about coffees on the homepage with latest news shown vertically. The store locator feature is pretty cool with elegant icons and it offers nice filtering of the content, for example, the type of coffee you need.
  4. Folksy: Folksy is an open online platform for British based designers and manufacturers to sell their manually made wares online. The layout of this cool website is pretty complex compared to most of the other websites but the it is highly responsive.



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