iPlex Summer Internship Program 2015

The Success of any organization lies with its employees, and iPlex is no different. We attribute the growth of this company to our loyal and hardworking employees, and through their achievements we have become the powerhouse of web enterprises within the region.

In order to groom this level of efficiency and diligence we provide a fun, casual, and enjoyable work atmosphere. And to nurture our talent further we offer extensive in-house training programs for employees who are eager to get their hands dirty with new technology, thus creating an environment that facilitates non-confined growth.

As we approach summer holidays for university students, iplex finds itself on the lookout for individual who wish to spend their summer holidays in a more productive manner, and for this reason we plan to offer Summer Internship Programs starting in July.

iPlex is a great place to begin a career in the web-development niche, it is the perfect combination of witty fun and methodical Professionalism. In order to challenge your aptitude come join us for this summer,and dive into the beginning of your professional career.

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