iPlex Quarterly Dinner


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Being one of the leading IT companies in the twin cities, iPlex hold the privilege of having its roots in Pakistan, as well as Canada and US with clients from all over the world. In such a competent environment, it is very difficult to survive. Believing in the proverb “Survival of the fittest”, iPlex recruits best IT professionals available.

The biggest asset of any company is their employees and if they are happy and satisfied with their administration, it encourages them to work hard and give their best to the company.

Recreation and Professionalism

At iPlex, employees are analyzed regularly on the basis of their performance and the best ones are given “Employee of the month” awards every month with their photos on the notice board and certificates to acknowledge their performance.

While professionalism is the core value at iPlex, the administration believes in a refreshing environment at workplace, so for that, a quarterly dinner is arranged for all the employees where the best performers are given accolades by the management.

The Dinner

Last Saturday, one such dinner was hosted by iPlex that was attended by all the employees. Light music, delicious food and fun environment were the key points of the dinner as employees were appreciated and celebrated for their hard work and loyalty towards the company.


Our employees had a lot of fun at the dinner as they got to mingle with their colleagues and were appreciated for their hard work. We asked for the feedback about the dinner and this is what few of them had to say.







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