FAST Career Counseling Seminar 2015

The remarkable job fair at FAST-NUCES had our inbox filled with feedback from the students. They were excited and happy for being interviewed by the panel of iPlex. As the students were about to graduate, they all were looking to work at companies that could enhance their skills and brighten their future.

After a successful Job Fair, iPlex got an opportunity to attend a seminar on career counseling at FAST-NUCES. In an excellent move, the FAST admin decided to invite professionals from various companies to come and counsel the soon-to-graduate students regarding the latest market trends and how they can gear their careers in right direction.

Our team consisted of Ali Muhammad (our CEO) Faaiz Jamali, Komal Riaz and Shahzad Sadiq. At the event, one of the most senior project managers and developers at iPlex, Faaiz Jamali spoke about the importance of learning new languages. He stressed on the need to learn the latest technologies while having a strong hold on the conventional ones. He enlightened the students regarding the  platforms that are preferred by the clients these days. He advised the students to go for their Final Year Projects that have real-life worth and can be utilized. He emphasized on the importance of focusing on the FYP, keeping in mind the commercial value and market demands.

In an unprecedented move, iPlex announced to sponsor one of the final projects of FAST-NUCES. iPlex took this step to encourage the talented students as there are money constraints that limit the creativity of students.

iPlex is striving hard to achieve perfection with an aim to drive the careers of young students in the right direction.


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